Drisya Nambiar

Fashion and Luxury Photographer | Artist | Graphic Designer

Model: Dyna, MUA: Dhouha, Assistance: Lauren

“I’d like to think of myself as an organised person but the type of art that strikes me is the cluttered, dramatic and the dynamic.”


My style is described as the intimacy of light and shadows blending with emotions and luscious colors. 

Model: Doris Stirnan MUA: Chirine Melou

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“Nothing brings me more pleasure than creating something out of nothing. I would totally enjoy the whole process of creation even if the outputs are a bit far from my ideal expectations. I believe that the beauty of art lies in perpetual invention of detail, the choice of words and the exquisite care of execution.”

Model: Karl, Hand models: Dhouha and Jimena. Collaboration with Maria Sakharova.

Drisya Nambiar

Currently based in Paris, France.

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Madeleine, Paris 75008